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Scholarships & Fellowships

Financial aid is a core commitment at Duke. In spite of recent economic challenges, Duke has reaffirmed its commitment to the principles of need-blind undergraduate admissions. More than half of all Dukes undergraduates receive some kind of financial aid. In addition, Duke provides funding to virtually all doctoral students and offers significant support to master's and professional degree students.

The Pratt School of Engineering is honored to recognize the generous support of alumni and friends through scholarships and fellowships. They are listed with our major gift donors towards the bottom of the page.

Financial Aid at Pratt

At the Pratt School of Engineering, our formula for success begins with attracting the best students. Support for financial aid, which enables so many students to attend Duke, is the most fundamental way to invest in tomorrow’s engineering leaders.

Thanks to a dedicated faculty and an innovative, hands-on curriculum, Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering offers a premier learning experience. But our vitality as a school comes from populating our programs with phenomenal students seeking to make the most out of the opportunities Duke provides.

Our continued ability to attract such bright and ambitious students to Pratt—students with the intellect and drive to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges—depends on our ability to provide financial aid. We must offer aid packages that put a Duke engineering education within reach for talented undergraduates with demonstrated need. We also must offer fellowship support that allows us to successfully compete for the best graduate students to work with our faculty on cutting-edge research.

Alumni and friends who contribute to financial aid help strengthen Pratt’s position and help shape the future for countless students. Support for endowed scholarships, fellowships and summer stipends, as well as contributions to the Annual Fund, make all the difference in bringing outstanding students to Pratt.

Undergraduate Scholarships

To lead the way in engineering, we must lead the way in educational opportunity. Pratt’s undergraduate program has flourished in part because of Duke’s commitment to financial aid: We admit U.S. students without regard to their financial circumstances, and meet their full demonstrated financial need. This twin commitment has been key to our ability to attract a wide pool of talented, young problem-solvers who spur each other on to excellence today and who will become leaders in their professions and communities tomorrow.

But maintaining this successful stance is increasingly expensive. With Duke’s growing enrollment and increased demands from students applying for financial aid, university-wide, spending on need-based undergraduate aid has grown from $43 million in the 2004-05 academic year to more than $99 million in 2013-14.

We believe that sustaining Duke’s commitment to financial aid not only helps us to compete for the brightest minds, but is also the only honorable choice for an institution of higher education truly committed to educating future leaders. Your investment in financial aid endowment will help us embrace this ideal and make an enduring difference in the lives of students and their families for generations to come.

  • Your gift of $100,000 or more can create an unrestricted scholarship that enables outstanding engineering students to come to Duke.
  • Your gift of $250,000 or more can create a restricted scholarship endowment, such as a fund that gives preference to engineering students from a particular region.

Graduate Fellowships

Our graduate students are a force for innovation. At Pratt,master’s and doctoral students not only benefit from an excellent education, but also make a profound contribution to the school. They advance the research enterprise, assist faculty, mentor undergraduates, and bring fresh perspectives to a wide range of conversations. Graduate students are also key to our ability to attract top faculty, who know these talented young people will be vital to their own scholarly success.Our challenge is that demand for skilled engineering talent is high, not only among top university graduate programs, but also from every branch of industry and from fields ranging from medicine to finance. We must encourage the most promising students to pursue an advanced engineering degree—and provide them with a good reason to choose Pratt—by offering funding packages that compete with those offered by peer institutions.

  • Your gift of $100,000 or more can establish an endowed fellowship that supports engineering graduate students at the master’s or doctoral level.
  • Your gift of $250,000 or more can establish an endowed fellowship in one of Pratt’s academic departments, like electrical and computer engineering.