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A team in EGR 190 gathers poolside with its submersible robot

December 07, 2018

EGR 190: Mission Impossible?

Second-year mechanical engineering students learn to overcome intractable challenges

Joel Greenberg (left) and Michael Gehm (right)

December 07, 2018

Duke to Lead $5.83 Million DHS Project to Reinvent Airport Screening

Engineering researchers will develop molecular-level x-ray screening technology to improve airport security

two images of a flower before and after 'sharpening' with a computer algorithm

December 06, 2018

Duke Team Attempts a Real-Life Version of CSI 'Zoom and Enhance'

Student team led by Cynthia Rudin helps A.I. makes blurry images sharp by "imagining" the missing pixels

Machine Learning Seminar: Scalable probabilistic inference for large-scale genomic data

3:00 pm | Gross Hall, Ahmadieh Family Grand Hall, Room 330

Presenter: Sriram Sankararaman

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Triangle Business Journal | December 3, 2018

Cover Story: Quantum Computing: Triangle's Next High-Tech Cluster?

Featuring Kenneth Brown


Triangle Business Journal | November 26, 2018

Duke Scores $1M to Study Links Between Cancer and Environment

Featuring Lee Ferguson

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