Workshop on Camera-based Tracking for Novel Interfaces

Mar 21

Friday, March 21, 2014

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Smith Warehouse - Bay 11, 2nd Floor


Todd Berreth (VIS, MA+S)

RSVP required to (Space limited to 8 participants ¿ we will keep a wait list) The introduction of the Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion sensing devices, and the proliferation of inexpensive network cameras, has fueled the increased use of camera tracking in the dance/music performance and art installation space, allowing artists to create reactive and symbiotic environments or providing them with novel input for their work. This development has also enabled designers to build unique and more natural body or even architectural-scale interfaces, for compelling and useful interactions with computers, their systems, and our surrounding spaces. This workshop will provide a first introduction to these devices and an opportunity to play with the hardware and software involved. The workshop will focus on its applicability for artists and performers, though all are welcome. Some software tools will be made available to interested participants. The workshop will be located in the Arcade Conference Room (Room 237) in Bay 11 of Smith Warehouse.


Monson, Eric