Transfer Credit: Current Students

Courses Taken Elsewhere by CURRENT Students

With prior approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the appropriate department, the adviser, and the Associate Dean, an engineering student may receive transfer credit for up to four semester courses taken at other institutions either during the summer vacation, or while on an approved leave of absence from Duke. Transfer credit may not be awarded for courses taken while a student is ineligible to continue at Duke University (such as Academic Dismissal). Students may obtain copies of a Transfer Credit Approval Form at the Dean's Office (download form). The student then carries the form to the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the department most closely related to the course desired. The DUS assigns a Duke equivalent or elective credit on the basis of a review of catalog descriptions or course syllabi. Upon completion of the course with a grade of C- or better, the student must request that a transcript be forwarded to the Pratt School of Engineering where it is matched with the approval form and credit is added to the student's record. Grades for courses taken elsewhere are not noted on the Duke transcript, nor are such grades factored into the student's GPA.

Important update regarding summer school at the London School of Economics:    Effective summer 2018, Deans in the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and the Pratt School of Engineering will no longer approve summer school courses at the London School of Economics for "Institutional Transfer Credit" for transfer back to Duke, as these courses do not meet our requirements for transfer.  This change applies to courses taken in summer 2018 and thereafter.  Courses taken up to or in the summer of 2017 will continue to be approved.  If you still wish to study at the London School of Economics in summer 2018 or thereafter, please check the program's status at the Duke Global Education Office ( 

Last updated: September 18, 2017