Withdrawal from Duke University

If you wish to withdraw from Duke, you must give official notification to your Academic Dean. Notification must be received prior to the beginning of classes in any term or tuition will be due on a pro rata basis. (See the section on "Fall and Spring" refunds in the Bulletin of Undergraduate Instruction chapter "Financial Information.") If you are withdrawing on your own initiative after the beginning of classes and prior to the last four weeks of regular classes in the fall or spring term, or before the last two weeks of regular classes in a summer term, a W is assigned in lieu of a regular grade for each course. After these dates an F grade is recorded unless withdrawal is caused by an emergency beyond your control, in which case a W is assigned by your Academic Dean.

If you decide to withdraw voluntarily from Duke, you should notify your Dean in writing as soon as possible after you have made your decision. If you are not sure and wish to evaluate your options, schedule an appointment with your Dean to discuss the issues. You may, for instance, wish to interrupt your studies at Duke temporarily, by taking a Leave of Absence. That would preserve your right to return, and also provide time for you to make important personal decisions.

If you wish to return to Duke after a period of voluntary withdrawal, please contact Academic Deans office in writing (Box 90271, Durham, NC 27708) or by telephone (919-660-5386) for information about readmission requirements, deadlines, and an application form for readmission.

Last updated: August 24, 2007