Final Exams, Three in 24 hours

If you have three final examinations that begin and end within a 24-hour time period (any contiguous combination of the 9 am, 2 pm, and 7 pm exam times) or two final examinations at the same time, you can have one exam date changed to another date/time. If one of the exams under consideration is a block exam, the block exam may not be the exam that is changed.

Download, print, and complete the Petition to Change Examination Schedule (PDF, 17KB). Take the completed form to the office of Dean Connie Simmons no later than three weeks before the last day of classes. For the complete procedure to handle this form, go to Exam Schedules and click on the appropriate semester. Completed forms should be submitted to the University Registrar at 114 S. Buchanan Street, Smith Warehouse, Bay 9, Room A289.

Note: Instructors are required by University policy to give their final exams at the time scheduled for them in the final exam schedule. Please bring to the attention of the University Registrar's Office (919-684-2813) any instance of unauthorized change by the instructor to the examination schedule for any course you are taking.

Last updated: May 9, 2011

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