Pratt Priorities: Strategic Planning for 2013-2018

Do you love engineering at Duke and care about the future of Pratt? Then we welcome your input toward our school’s future priorities and directions.

As a Pratt undergraduate, you’re invited to share your opinions with Dean Katsouleas by providing feedback on the proposed five-year strategic priorities for Pratt using the form below. Please respond by November 15, 2013.

Thank you for your time and perspectives.

Step 1. Review the Data

Review key metrics and trends affecting the Pratt School of Engineering by downloading the Pratt Facts 2013 slide presentation.

Step 2. Review the Recommendations

Outlined below are eight broad recommendations for the next five years, as well as the fundamental objectives we seek to achieve.

Overarching Objectives


The mission of the Pratt School of Engineering is to provide a rigorous engineering education for our students, enabling them to lead productive, rewarding, and ethical lives for the betterment of society. Our aspiration is for Pratt students and faculty to be catalysts for generating and integrating knowledge across the disciplines in order to address complex issues facing a global society.  We are committed to upholding Duke’s Guiding Principles of trustworthiness, respect, diversity, learning and teamwork.

Education goal:

Prepare Duke engineering graduates to be leaders and innovators in the 21st-century workforce who use knowledge in the service of society.

Research goal:

Engage in leading-edge research that involves fundamental discoveries applied to the grand challenges of our time.

Proposed Five-Year Strategic Priorities

1. "Hire higher": Recruit excellent faculty

  • Add quality and diversity through 5-7 searches/year, 1-2 net hires/year
  • Leverage the Vinik Challenge (provides matching funds for 10 chairs, 8* now matched!)

2. Pursue innovative and innovation education at the BS, Masters, and PhD levels

  • Strengthen PhD+, Vest Scholars and Grand Challenge Scholars programs (extend nationally as well as to broader Duke undergraduate population); leverage Bass Connections program
  • Be a model for learner-centric pedagogies; create mechanisms to support innovative education and assess progress
  • Provide focused education in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Cultivate student-led engagement activities

3. Build on Pratt’s research strengths

  • Expand to 6-7 key research areas in which we are "the premier institution”
  • Spin off a Duke Engineering Research Institute
  • Compete for and win large center grants, including another major External Research Center (and compete “pound for pound” with larger schools on individual investigator grants, such that Pratt's raw numbers compare favorably with those of top engineering schools)

4. Optimize staff and infrastructure to support educational programs and research growth

  • Raise remaining funds to enable construction of planned new building
  • "Hire higher": Attract and retain the best staff 

5. Broaden the Pratt ecosystem

  • Deepen alumni-student, alumni-faculty and RTP connections
  • Add Entrepreneurs-  and Scholars-in-Residence
  • Expand Pratt’s trifold presence: Durham campus, global and online

6. Complete masters, PhD growth plan

  • Achieve goal of 5 PhD students per tenure-track faculty member
  • Continue to grow master's programs

7. Build upon strengths in Materials Science to create a nationally recognized program

  • Leverage research centers in computational materials genomics, metamaterials and acoustic metamaterials, and broad strengths in biomaterials

8. Pursue, track and measure feedback on core values and metrics

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