Robert J. Melosh Competition, Professor Javier Bonet, Swansea University

Apr 24

Friday, April 24, 2015

10:00 am - 11:00 am
Hudson Hall 125


Professor Javier Bonet, Swansea University

Professor Javier Bonet, Swansea University Presentation Title: Mixed Formulations in Large Strain Solid Mechanics Based on Polyconvex Elasticity The presentation will describe recent advances in the use of polyconvex strain energy functionals in order to develop novel mixed approaches for the simulation of static and dynamic problems in solid mechanics. Static analysis will be formulated using novel variational principles involving the arguments of polyconvex potetianls and their complementary stresses. This will include a Hellinger-Reissner type of functional valid for large strain application. In the context of dynamic applications an extended set of conservation laws will be presented, both in terms of conservation variables and a symmetrised form expressed using entropy conjugate variables. A number of examples will be used to demonstrate the improved performance of the methodologies proposed over standard displacement based finite element formulations.


Carpenter, Ruby Nell

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