FIP Seminar Series: Many-body Quantum Optics in Coupled Cavity QED Arrays

Mar 25

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Physics 128


Dr. Andrew Houck

Superconducting circuits and circuit quantum electrodynamics provide an excellent toolbox for nonequilibrium quantum simulation. In circuit QED, the strong interaction of light with a single qubit can lead to strong qubit¿mediated photon¿photon interactions. Recent theoretical proposals have predicted phase transitions in arrays of these cavities, demonstrating that complex matter¿like phenomena can emerge with such interacting photons. Due to inevitable photon dissipation and the ease of adding photons through driving, these systems are fundamentally open and a useful tool for studying nonequilibrium physics. I will discuss recent experimental and theoretical progress towards realization of these non¿equilibrium quantum simulators, including a localization¿delocalization crossover in a pair of coupled cavities and preliminary measurements of large cavity arrays and multi¿mode cavities. I will show a variety of available measurement tools in these systems, including transport and scanned local quantum probes.


Burns, August

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