O'Connor Takes 2nd in Odebrecht Award

Megan O’Connor, a 4th year graduate student in civil and environmental engineering, placed 2nd in this year's Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development. The competition helps bridge the gap between the academic and corporate worlds, and finds solutions that promote sustainability via the transfer and application of technology into the operational practice of business.

The award is designed to stimulate contributions toward sustainable development for the benefit of engineering, construction, chemical, and petrochemical organizations; the academic community; and society as a whole. Whether related to new building techniques, new chemical and petrochemical processes, alternative environmental uses or sustainable materials, projects should explore innovative practices, methods and ideas that can be implemented in a variety of real-world ventures.

O'Connor's project, advised by Desiree Plata, adjunct assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, focused on reclaiming minerals and rare earth elements from recycling centers and manufacturing plants for modern electronics. Watch the video below, where O'Connor appears beginning at 4:47.