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Quartz | October 19, 2017

Five Methods for Turning Invisible

Featuring David Smith

As an inventor of a real-life invisibility cloak, David Smith ranks some of pop culture’s approaches to invisibility and the hard science behind them.


DukeMed Alumni News | October 18, 2017

Alumni Spotlight: Barry Myers

Featuring Barry Myers

Barry Myers, MD’89, PhD’91, MBA’05, and director of innovation at the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), leads an initiative sponsored by the NFL to find innovative solutions to make football helmets safer. 

The Engineer | October 11, 2017

Programmed Bacteria Build Working Electronic Sensor

Featuring Lingchong You

Lingchong You alters the behaviour of programmed cells so that they build a 3D hybrid organic-metallic pressure sensor


Wired | October 6, 2017

The Speculum Finally Gets a Modern Redesign

Featuring Nimmi Ramanujam

Mercy Asiedu and Nimmi Ramanujam are included in a roundup of attempts to redesign the speculum


The Charlotte Observer | September 29, 2017

NC Legislators Mull What to Do About Chemicals in Rivers

Featuring Lee Ferguson

Lee Ferguson testifies on the dumping of unregulated chemicals into the Cape Fear River by Chemours Co.


Quartz | September 25, 2017

Go with the Flow

Featuring Adrian Bejan

A long-form feature on the past and present of Adrian Bejan and how his constructal law can be applied to life, the universe and everything.


Triangle Business Journal | September 13, 2017

Duke University AI Startup Secures $10M in First Funder

Featuring Lawrence Carin

Unicorn ML,  the brainchild of Lawrence Carin, has raised $10 million in equity.


Inside Philanthropy | September 13, 2017

The Gates Foundation Is Still Making Grants to Reinvent the Toilet

Featuring Jeff Glass

In 2011, the Gates Foundation launched the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, which now includes two grants totaling $10.7 million to implement phase three of Duke's Reinvent the Toilet project.


Interesting Engineering | September 12, 2017

Researchers Use Unexpected Tool in New Cancer Treatments

Featuring Nimmi Ramanujam, David Katz

Nimmi Ramanujam and David Katz get a 100 percent cure rate in mice when using an ethenol-based gel injected directly into tumors.

The Washington Post | August 24, 2017

Science May Have Solved the 150-Year-Old Mystery of a Sunken Civil War Submarine

Featuring Rachel Lance

Rachel Lance, a recent BME PhD graduate, says she knows what doomed the first submarine to ever sink an enemy ship, the H.L.'s own weapon.