Duke Alumni Shore Up Farnham

Fate brought together three graduates of Duke Engineering recently in an effort to patch up a dam in Pittsfield, Mass. Michael Malenfant (MS’98) met Martha Monserrate (BS’81, MS’82) and John Wilkes (MS’84) at the Farnham Dam in a project to reinforce and revitalize the aging structure.

Malenfant works for AECOM in Chelmsford, MA, and was the geotechnical engineer responsible for rehabilitating the dam. Monserrate works for CARPI and served as project engineer for a geomembrane system to waterproof the dam and Wilkes is the president of CARPI USA. The project started in August of this year and wrapped up by mid-October 2015. 

"I think with an engineer you have never met, when you find out they went to Duke, there is a certain instant respect," said Monserrate. "Respect for their intelligence, which you know they needed to be accepted to Duke, and their work ethic, which you know they needed to obtain their degree. It gives the camaraderie you hope to attain in any business relationship, but especially on a complicated engineering project like Farnham dam, a big head start."

Below are some photos of the happy convergence of Blue Devil knowhow.