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Stefan Zauscher Representatives of the Pratt School of Engineering made an impressive showing at the 2006 American Chemical Society (ACS) meetings held in Atlanta from March 26-30. Topics presented by the Pratt group ranged from plasmonic nanoparticles to the effect of glycoproteins on joint friction.
PhotoGenesis launches as a not-for-profit after winning Duke student business plan competition
DURHAM, N.C. –- Physicians who have struggled for years to monitor and treat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa could soon have a low-cost solution thanks to a team of students at Duke University. These students, and others with unique ideas to improve health care technology in developing countries, are vying for the top prize in a Duke University business plan competition Saturday.
Mariella Corcuera may ultimately pursue a career in medicine or medical devices, but she’ll always be an engineer at heart. Through Pratt’s Master of Engineering Management Program at Duke, Corcuera got the chance to experience the life of a corporate engineer as a Textron Fellow.
A novel growth factor significantly improves the ability of specialized stem cells derived from human fat to be transformed into cartilage cells, according to Duke University Medical Center and Pratt School of Engineering researchers.
Liang BoHu, a graduate student of Tomasz Hueckel's, is currently spending a month at the Swiss Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL) to jointly perform tests on damage to desiccating geomaterials. Hueckel and EPFL’s Dr. Lyesse Laloui are engaged in collaborative research on that subject within coordinated projects funded by their respective National Science Foundations.
David Sebba, a student in the lab of assistant professor Anne Lazarides, won the Colloid division student poster prize at the American Chemical Society meeting in Atlanta for his poster entitled "Core-satellite nanoassemblies with designed plasmonic properties."
Yunbo Liu, a doctoral student in the lab of associate MEMS professor Pei Zhong received a Predoctoral Traineeship Award from the Department of Defense’s Breast Cancer Research Program. The award is for $60,000 over a two-year period. His research project is entitled "A Novel Combination of Thermal Ablation and Heat-inducible Gene Therapy for Breast Cancer Treatment".
Gwangrog Lee, a graduate student in Associate Professor Piotr Marszalek’s laboratory (MEMS/CBIMMS) received a Student Research Achievement Award at the 50th Biophysical Society Meeting in Salt Lake City last month. He was honored for his poster presentation entitled "Nanospring behavior of Ankyrin Repeats Studied with Single Molecule AFM."
The Duke MEM student team with Dean Kristina Johnson and Senior Associate Dean Tod Laursen. From left, Srikanth Chunduri, Bansi Kotecha, Rahul Raj Gogna, Anjana Bhagavan, Kristen Yoder, Johnson, Laursen.