Adrian Bejan Awarded Honorary Doctorate from French University

Adrian Bejan, the J.A. Jones Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Duke, has been awarded a Doctorate Honoris Causa—or honorary doctorate degree—by the INSA de Lyon (Institut National des Sciences Appliquees), one of France’s leading universities. The doctorate ceremony took place on Thursday, April 3, 2014. It was followed by a workshop held in his honor, titled “Exergy Analysis and Constructal Law: A Tribute to Professor Adrian Bejan's Life-Long Contributions to Energy Science and Engineering,” which highlighted lectures on Constructal Law from five French researchers in the field.

Bejan is being recognized especially for his discovery of the Constructal Law of nature, which explains the generation of specific configurations and geometries in natural systems, and accounts for the natural tendency of flow systems, such as rivers, trees and branches, lungs, animal movement, and social and engineered systems, to generate and evolve structures that increase flow access.

This is the 17th honorary doctorate degree that Bejan has received from universities in a total of 11 countries.