MITP Visionary Speaker Seminar Series

Oct 16

Thursday, October 16, 2014

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Hudson Hall 125


Eduard Chekmenev, PhD, Vanderbilt University

Recent developments in NMR hyperpolarization have enabled a wide array of new in vivo molecular imaging modalities,ranging from functional imaging of the lungs to metabolic imaging of cancer. Our research explores selected advances in methods for the preparation and use of hyperpolarized contrast agents, many of which are already at or near the phase of their clinical validation. Biomedical applications of hyperpolarized contrast agents require high polarization level of relatively long-lived hyperpolarized molecules, and preparation of pure hyperpolarized substrates in biocompatible administration medium. Preparation of such agents in the context of conventional Parahydrogen Induced Polarization (PHIP) using molecular addition of parahydrogen and Signal Amplification By Reversible Exchange (SABRE) using reversible exchange of parahydrogen demands new advances in synthetic chemistry of contrast agents, i.e. sophisticated isotopic enrichment and synthetic schemes, and in chemistry and spin-physics of homogeneous and heterogeneous hydrogenation and exchange catalysis.


Joanne Grosshans