2015 Merritt Science Journalism Award Results

The 2015 Merritt Award competition attracted a wide variety of entries from graduate and undergraduate students across the university. The selection committee noted and welcomed the rich diversity of approaches to communicating science that were reflected in the entries — from articles published in mainstream publications, to documentary-style and animated videos, to blog entries chronicling fieldwork experience.

From among several strong candidates, EbolaChat, a video by undergraduate students Anastasia Lambrou and Joshua Latner, was selected as the winner of the inaugural Merritt Award. The judges cited the entry as a creatively produced, accessible and compelling video that met its goal of educating high-schoolers and other members of the general public about Ebola thanks to the team’s sound understanding of how to communicate clearly about a complex scientific topic.




Anastasia Lambrou 

Anastasia Lambrou T‘15

Joshua Latner

Joshua Latner T‘15




The committee also wishes to recognize two other excellent submissions as runners-up:


Thanks to all entrants for demonstrating the vibrant state of student science journalism at Duke!