Media Arts + Sciences Rendezvous

Apr 17

Thursday, April 17, 2014

4:15 pm - 5:30 pm
Smith Warehouse - Bay 10, 2nd Floor


Francesca Samesi - University of Texas at El Paso and Los Alamos National Labs

Many artists draw on the scientific community as sources for their work. Research community are exploding with rich material connected to our contemporary lives. Given that art - science collaborations require weeks, realistically months, in a lab, shoulder to shoulder with the scientists, access is a huge barrier. Francesca Samsel will discuss her history of collaborations with visualization teams and scientists, what worked, what didn't and how to get in the door. The goal of the MA+S Rendezvous is to create a community through: meeting face-to-face with other people who are interested in Media Arts + Sciences, sharing ideas/methods/resources, learning about the projects we're all working on, and socializing and getting to know each other better. Talks are very informal, often consisting of work in progress, and we encourage both "of the theory" and "of the practice" topics. The rest of the time will be open for general discussion. All those interested in Media Arts + Sciences at Duke are welcome! Drinks and light snacks are provided.


Monson, Eric

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