MEng and MEMP

Degrees with an Eye Toward Industry

Duke offers two professional engineering degrees focused on industry rather than research. Both the Master of Engineering (MEng) and the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) are tailored to early career engineers with fewer than five years of experience but focus on building upon your undergraduate engineering degree with additional engineering knowledge or expanded business knowledge.

Study on our campus near the major Research Triangle Park tech hub. Or, we offer a distance program for our MEM degree. In fact, our online distributed Master of Engineering Management (MEM) is highly-ranked – in the Top 25 in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report's Best Online Engineering Programs.

Both programs create T-shaped engineers with deep interest and expertise in one skill—like electrical engineering or technology commercialization—who understand the market and business opportunities surrounding that skill.

The MEng T is deeper, while the MEM T is broader (click for larger version).

Compare the two degrees in the chart below, and click through for more information.

Program Duke's MEng program
Duke's MEM program
Offered On campus only On campus or via distance
For students seeking Depth of expertise in a specific engineering discipline and a solid entry level business understanding Broader skills in business, technology management or entrepreneurship
Undergraduate education required Undergraduate degree in a specific engineering or science discipline Undergraduate degree in any engineering or science discipline
Duration 3 semesters/18 months 2 semesters/1 year for campus
4 semester/2 years for distance
Work experience Recommended for students with less than five years of work experience, and tailored for students in the earliest stages of their careers
Career Goals Interest in engineering positions that benefit from an understanding of business. View career services Interest in positions that combine engineering and business: data analysis, technical consulting, operations and supply chain management, project or product management. View career services


Advantages of a Professional Engineering Degree

A Focus on Team Building
Both programs are built on a cohort model with students from around the world, giving students the opportunity to build team skills in preparation for global industry. Students build a diverse network among their peers from different countries and engineering backgrounds.

Industry Internships
Internships give students a practical experience that they can apply what they’ve learned in the classroom. An internship is required for all MEng students, and the campus MEM students. Distance MEM students use their current work experience as the basis of their internship reports. This is a degree requirement for both degrees.

Focused Seminars and Networking
Each MEng department hosts a wide range of seminars during the academic year to enhance the program, while MEMP’s unique workshop series allows students to further develop marketable business skills in an intensive, interactive environment. Topics are selected through input from industry, program administrators, and students.

Specialized Career Services
Both the MEng and MEMP degrees offer a comprehensive and aggressive career development and job search program, managed by our Career Services team. Career advisors work with the Duke Career Center to coordinate various activities throughout the year. Career development begins as part of new student orientation, with activities focused on career exploration and development, and continues with ongoing seminars and workshops.

What the Students Say

"One of the greatest strengths of the MEng program is the cohesiveness of its student body. The core courses routinely challenge students to break out of their own engineering disciplines and collaborate with peers of diverse technical backgrounds. We are a close-knit family outside of academics as well—MEng is an amazing group of talented individuals who form an indispensable support system. The MEng program has been immensely rewarding, both professionally and personally."
– Melody Chan, MEng BME, Class of 2013

"I’ve had the opportunity to learn from and work with various students whose cultures span the world, and the MEM program has provided me with the chance to get hands-on experience in working in a global environment.”
– Dayna Cole, MEM Class of 2014

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