International "Introduce a Girl to Photonics" Week - hosted by Duke University's Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics

Oct 9

Sunday, October 9, 2016

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Hudson Hall 125

Join Duke's Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics for an Open House celebration held in conjunction with IEEE's "Introduce a Girl to Photonics" Week, and explore the fun and fascinating science and power of light! Features Hands-on activities and demonstrations of light-based technologies - Light Pipe: Duke Optical Student Chapter (OSA/SPIE) demonstrates how fiber optics work to speed data to your computer, TV and more! - Solar Power and Hydrogen Fuel: Discover the future of automotive technologies - a demonstration of how cars can be powered by light. - Hiding in Plain Sight: Come investigate materials that emit their own light, like Play-Doh and more, using laser beams. - See Cells with a Cell: Check out cells, neurons, and other microscopic objects with a cell phone microscope - a novel technology that's like having a lab in your pocket! - High-Resolution Endoscope: Learn how doctors peer inside the body with this light-based visualization tool - Light Blox: See how light works - understand reflection and refraction - Photonics in Art: See how X-rays are used in art - Interference of Light: Learn what interference is and see how and inferometer is used - MEDx Wireless Technology: View wearable light technology used in medicine, including a wireless pulse oximeter, smartphone apps, Google Glass, and a new holographic technology called Microsoft Hololens - 3D Printers: See how they work - Photo BoothMeet Women Scientists


Burns, August

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