FIP Seminar: Multiphoton Intravital imaging at single cell resolution reveals mechanisms of cancer dissemination and markers for prognosis and treatment of breast cancer patients

Jan 25

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Hudson Hall 125


John S. Condeelis - Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

John Condeelis' research interests are in optical physics, cell biology and biophysics, cancer biology and mouse models of cancer. He and his collaborators developed the multiphoton imaging technology and animal models used to identify invasion and intravasation microenvironments in mammary tumors. This led to the discovery of the paracrine interaction between tumor cells and macrophages in vivo, and the role of macrophages in the migration of tumor cells and their dissemination from primary tumors via blood vessels to distant metastatic sites. Based on these results, cell collection techniques, including the in vivo invasion assay, and markers for FACS, were developed for the collection of migrating and disseminating macrophages and tumor cells. This led to the discovery of the mouse and human invasion signatures.

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