The Michael Doherty Memorial Endowment Fund*

Friends of Michael Doherty have established a scholarship endowment fund in his memory at the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University. This fund will honor Mike and the educational program to which he was so dedicated. Distributions from the fund will be used to provide whole or partial scholarships to undergraduate engineering students at Duke.

*Minimum of $100,000 is needed to fund this endowment. If $100,000 is not reached, the gifts to the fund will be directed to Engineering Annual Fund for need-based financial aid in memory of Michael Doherty.

Contribute To the fund

Donations may be sent to:

Pratt School of Engineering
Duke University
Box 90271
Durham, NC 27708

Electronic donations (credit, debit or electronic check) may be submitted through our online giving form.

For further information about the scholarship, please contact Judge Carr in the Pratt School of Engineering Development Office at or 919-660-5385.

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