Designing Compact Houses: A study on Interactive Architecture and Sensory Experiences

Mar 13

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Smith Warehouse Building


Asma Naz, Dept. of Arts & Technology, University of Texas, Dallas

My research interest spans the Phenomenology of perception and Interactive Architecture. Study of Phenomenology in the field of architecture is necessary to understand, analyze, interpret and find new methods of envisioning. Especially, at a time when architecture is delving into the realm of new technology and digital media, it is important to look at architecture through the lenses of phenomenological thought to analyze and develop new techniques. My study also focuses on Interactive Architecture ¿ the current tools, applications and heuristics in designing interactive systems for the living, working, entertainment and public environments. I goal of my research is to explore sensory experiences and phenomenological characteristics of architecture and architectural design elements (visual and haptic) to design interactive compact homes with the aid of perception-based sensors. Event held in Smith Warehouse, Bay 11, 2nd floor "Skylight Lounge".