Silverman Internship at Kinamed - Summer 2006

Craig Silverman.JPGCraig Silverman
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Year: junior
Major: biomedical engineering
This summer 2006 I worked at Kinamed, Inc. as a summer intern in the engineering department. Kinamed is an orthopedic implant and neurosurgery devices company. They are located in Camarillo, California and employ about 25 people.
I mainly worked on the IsoElastic Cerclage System. This product is an implantable cable that is used for serious femur fractures and revision hip replacements. I conducted research on the cable and made recommendations for how to improve the product. For example, a new manufacturing process to make cable was developed before I started to work at Kinamed and it was my job to determine if the new cables were as strong as the old ones. After much testing, I recommended that the new process be approved.
I also helped to design a new implant for revision hip surgeries. I was given the task to graphically design a grip for implantation. I generated about fifteen variations, each of which was shown to a consulting surgeon. With his input, I went back and produced the second generation ideas for the grip.
This summer I learned many new concepts and aspects about the workplace. I had never worked in an office before and I really understand what to expect in future office jobs. I also learned about the importance of documentation and labeling in the biomedical industry. It is imperative to be able to trace a single product from manufacturing to implantation, so every step along the way must be recorded and documented. Most importantly, I learned that I do not enjoy a 45 minute commute to and from work each day.
Kinamed is a great company to begin a career at because it is small. I was able to work in every part of the company, from quality assurance, to production, to packaging. I learned about every aspect of a biomedical business. I was also able to build strong relationships with all the employees, which made the office atmosphere much more personal. These benefits of the small company made going to work each day exciting and enjoyable.
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