Pitera Research Internship at KTH - Summer 2006

Ryan Pitera
Hometown: Marstons Mills, MA
Year: sophomore
Major: mechanical engineering

This summer 2006, I worked at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. My work began with a time period of obtaining general background information on the subjects of aeromechanics and aeroelasticity. Subsequently, I corresponded with 3 researchers in this field, about their projects. These projects included:

  • Generic Studies on Fluid-Structure Interactions, Interaction between a Shock-Wave and a Boundary Layer,
  • Numerical Analysis of Partial Admission Phenomena in Axial Steam Turbine, and
  • Part Load Behavior and Partial Admission in Steam Turbines with Low Inlet Volumetric Flow.

After gathering sufficient background information about these projects and general aeroelastic principles, I could begin my next tasks.

First, I designed and created web pages for each of the projects I studied, in order to present the work of those researchers. Next, I assembled a Rotor Kit which “simulated lateral shaft vibration by duplicating vibration-producing phenomena found in large rotating machinery.” Once completed, I was able to run this kit and take data on various vibration characteristics. Finally, I compiled a final report of my internship, encompassing all aspects of my work. This is a formal report, providing background information, the knowledge I gained, and all of my sources.

My internship experience taught me a great deal about the aeromechanics, the real-life work environment, and the Swedish lifestyle. I had time to travel around Stockholm, and even to Helsinki, Finland, Olso, Norway, and Copenhagen, Denmark. I loved my time in Scandanavia and everybody was incredibly nice. I would recommend anyone to an internship; if not this one, specifically, any internship can provide valuable life-skills.

For more information about the the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm , visit their website at: http://www.kth.se/eng/.