Photo tour - Duke’s New Engineering Campus

In last month's Pratt E-Press newsletter, we reported the opening of the Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering, Medicine and Applied Sciences. Many readers wrote in asking for more photos, both of CIEMAS and of the campus around CIEMAS. So, in response to your requests, here is a photographic tour of the engineering buildings and surrounding areas.

CIEMAS location relative to the Duke Chapel.

CIEMAS, viewed from the Science drive traffic circle in front of the Physics building.

The three story atrium located in the Fitzpatrick Building. Pathways from the Duke Chapel and the Perkins Library behind CIEMAS (to the south) link pedestrian traffic to the new building.

The first class in the new 206-seat Kenneth T. Schiciano Auditorium was taught by by Nenad Bursac, assistant professor of biomedical engineering. The class was EGR 101, electrobiology.