New Dorm to Accomodate Plans for Pratt Student Growth

The Duke University Board of Trustees has given the go-ahead to a new residence hall on East Campus to accommodate plans for expansion of the undergraduate enrollment in the Pratt School of Engineering.

The board meeting Dec. 6 also approved a second Medical Science Research Building (MSRB) that will support the growing need for research space for a number of medical center centers and departments, including the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Stedman Nutrition Center, the Department of Surgery and the Department of Medicine.

The East Campus residence hall is needed to accommodate plans for expansion of the undergraduate enrollment in the Pratt School by 200 students over the next four years. This is the first expansion of undergraduate enrollment at Duke since 1991-92.

The 60,000-square-foot residence hall is projected to open in the fall of 2005. It will be built between Broad Street and Randolph Residence Hall on East Campus, where all first-year students live. It will house 138 students, as well as residential office staff from Student Affairs and a faculty member-in-residence.

The new residence hall will not be limited to engineering students, and will help alleviate crowding in East Campus dorms where small rooms are being used as doubles and triples. It will also include space to boost the presence of Student Affairs staff on East Campus.

The projected construction cost is not expected to exceed $10 million.

Beginning in 2005, 50 additional engineering undergraduates will be added to each of the next four incoming classes. This will increase Pratt’s undergraduate enrollment from 889 to 1,089 students.

One of the goals of the university’s strategic plan, "Building on Excellence," approved by the trustees in 2001, is to significantly strengthen Duke’s science and engineering programs. A $97 million Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering, Medicine and Applied Sciences adjacent to the Pratt School’s current buildings is now under construction and scheduled to open in the fall of 2004.