Major Gifts - Fitzpatrick Center Contributors

Donors to the Fitzpatrick Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering, Medicine and Applied Sciences (FCIEMAS)

Special Areas

Michael J. and Patricia W. Fitzpatrick Building
Fitzpatrick Center for Photonics and Communications
Jeffrey N. Vinik Building
Kenneth T. Schiciano E'84 Auditorium
Lawrence D. Lenihan, Jr. E'87 Undergraduate Learning Center
Gary W. E'60 and Elizabeth D. Dickinson WC'61 Arcade
Anonymous - Twinnie's Cafe


Poses Family Laboratory
The Addy Family Laboratory
The Barry N. Bycoff Family Foundation Laboratory
Clarence and Beverley Chandran Laboratory
Stephen C. Coley E'67 Laboratory
Daniel M. Dickinson Laboratory
Sam Y. Feng and Rose S. Feng Research Laboratory
Theodore C. Kennedy E'52 Laboratory
Dr. Jack Lee and Family Laboratory
Martha Monserrate McDade E'81, G'82 Laboratory
Walter M. Mumma Faculty Commons
Amy and Donny Wilkinson Laboratory
Claude B. Williams, Jr. E'44 and David Hessee Laboratory
The Yoh Family Laboratory
William H. Younger Laboratory
Younger Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory

Conference Rooms

Boswell Engineering Conference Room
Marie E. and Robert O. Dierks Conference Room
Thomas E. Harrington E'66 Conference Room
Alan L. Kaganov E'60 and Carol M. Kaganov Conference Room
The Lang Family Conference Room
The Meier Family Biomedical Engineering Conference Room
Howard M. Winterson T'39 Conference Room
The Yoh Family Conference Room

Administrative Suites

William J. Florence III E'83 Administrative Suite
William A. Hawkins III E'76 Administrative Suite
John L. E'45 and Lois Imhoff Administrative Suite


Robert W. Althaus E'71 Office
In Memory of The Honorable Terry Sanford
James N. Barton E'60 Office
Berghorst Foundation Office
Stephen Ray Bolze E'85 Office
Theodore Kleban E'38 Office, Given by Lewis C. Brewster E'86
Tom E'88 and Elizabeth Malone Burger T'88 Office
Marjorie B. D'92 and Robert W. "Judge" Carr, Jr. E'71 Office
Fredrick L. Thurstone Office
Norman A. Cocke III E'68 Office
Barbara C. and James H. Corrigan, Jr. E'47 Office
George H. Crowell E'67 Office
George C. Dannals E'49 Office
Peter J. Denker E'59 Office
John M. Derrick, Jr. E'61 and Linda D. Derrick Office
Robert E. Donaho E'76 and Stephanie E. Elbers-Donaho T'78
F. Reid Ervin E'42 Office
Fred M. Fehsenfeld, Jr. E'73 Office
James H. Frey E'60 Office
Robert L. Galloway, Jr. E'77, Ph.D.'83 and Karen E. Campbell Office
C. Gary Gerst E'61 Office
Carol J. and Charles D. Grove E'51
The Guerster Family
Marilyn and Keith Harrison
Grant T. Hollett, Jr. Office
Jeffrey D. Ix E'78 and Kathleen D. Ix E'79 Office
Joseph H. Jarboe E'69 Office
Vinay J. Jayaram E'96 Office
John and Maria Johnson Office
Kathleen B. and Robert G. Johnson Office
Edwin L. Jones, Jr. E'48 Office
Lee M. Kenna, Jr. E'68 Family Office
Dr. Nannerl O. Keohane, President of Duke University, 1993-2004
Edward L. Koffenberger E'47 Office
Dr. Jack Lee and Family Office
Marx-Love Office
James R. E'88 and Suzanne L. Lowry Office
Lydia and Harry McColloch Office
In Memory of John Bell McGaughy E'38
Jan L. Mize E'60 Office
George W. Pearsall Office
David L. Pugh E'71 Office
Curt A. Rawley E'71 Office
Edward M. E'68 and Nora Lea WC'67 Reefe Office
Janis Jordan Rehlaender E'77 Office
Christopher M. E'80 and Sarah E. Relyea Office
Vernon H. and Helen R. Scarborough Office
J. Stephen Simon E'65 Office
David P. Spearman E'77 Office
Jeff Spiritos E'76 Office: In memory of K.P. Arges and E. Elsevier
Stroy/Tanimoto Office
Dorothy J. and W. John Swartz E'56 Office
Joanne H. and Samuel A. Walker III E'66 Office
Seth A. Watkins E'92, MS'93, Ph.D.'96, JD'99 Office
Michael O. Wheeler E'65 Office
William B. Wilmer VI E'51 Office
Tom and Debbie Woodard Office


William C. Dackis E'44 Break Room
Gerald C. Hartman Break Room

Wall of Recognition

Mark E. Baldwin E'75
Frank Birinyi E'72, G'76
John J. Borgschulte E'73
Charles T. and Joanne Davidson
G. Trevor Davis Jr.
In Memory of Thomas D. Downey E'52
Sally J. Fong Family
Marla J. Franks, MD E'80
James H. E’60 and Jacqueline WC’64 Frey
Annie Lewis J. WC'61 and Robert A. Garda E'61
Guerry L. Grune E'78
Philip J. Hawk E'76
Donald M. Helfer E'71
In Memory of Ozey K. Horton, Sr. and Jeanne Heyward Lynah Horton
Joseph M. Hunt III E'61, G'67
Daniel V. Ingram E'96
John and Maria Johnson
Tom E. and Bettsy C. Leib
James C. Lordeman E'78
Irene Lilly WC'62 and William W. McCutchen, Jr. E'62
Douglas A. and Marianne McGraw
Capers W. E'74 and Marion K. WC'75 McDonald
Lionel W. Neptune E’82
In Memory of Donald Yeager Nicholas E'37
James B. Nicholas E'73
Richard B. Parran, Jr. E'79
Daniel A. Pitt T'71
Sky Polega
Clay E. E'76 and Karen W. N'78 Scarborough
Barry Schneirov E'85
Elizabeth Franklin Sechrest E'79
Frances S. & Gordon L. Smith, Jr. E'48
Robert J. Stets, Jr.
The Steve and Jay Sullivan Family
David J. Thacker T'97
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Vadnais E'73
Dr. Paul P. Wang
Art and Mickey Wheeler
Claude B. Williams, Jr. E'44 and David Hessee
Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership