Lattanzio Internship at William V Walsh Constuction Company - Summer 2006

Steve LattanzioSteve Lattanzio
Hometown: Vero Beach, FL
Year: junior
Major: civil engineering
This past summer 2006 I completed an internship with the William V. Walsh Construction Company located in Rockville, MD. The company is currently involved with many projects in the Washington, DC area. I was assigned to projects at the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. The Jefferson Memorial was having some of the stonework fixed among other things, and there was a lot going on at the Lincoln Memorial where the entire area was being rehabilitated.
My responsibilities included writing up daily reports, attending meetings with the design company and subcontractors, and working with the project manager. I worked in an office in a trailer that was onsite at the Lincoln Memorial. Each day I walked around the jobsite to observe what was going on. It was important that I knew what materials were delivered to the site and what work was being done since all of that would need to be documented in the daily reports. One thing that I learned is that it is very important that information is tracked and documented correctly and thoroughly in the construction business.
Although this internship was more construction management oriented, as a Civil Engineering major it was good to get some experience in this area because as an engineer it is important to be aware of the construction process steps so that you have an idea of how the design will actually be constructed. This internship also allowed me to see the politics that exist between the main contractor, subcontractors, architects, designers, and engineers. This experience will help me in my future career in the design phase of the construction process.
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