James Vogeley

James VogeleyGraduation Year: 1980

Degree at Duke:
Bachelor of Science

Electrical Engineering

Career Highlights:

  • Founder of nVIEW Corporation

What has James Vogeley done since he left Duke University?

He has accomplished what every undergraduate engineer wants to do—be his own boss! Graduating from Duke with a BSE in Electrical Engineering in 1980, Vogeley has established a name for himself as the founder of nVIEW Corporation. Not only has his success skyrocketed with nVIEW, but he has always maintained close ties with his alma mater. Through his hard work and creativity, he has already attained a level of prosperity which many Duke graduates are striving to achieve.

James Vogeley was raised in York County, Virginia. When he was young, he took an interest in swimming and in the mechanics of automobiles. As a Duke student, he served as the president of the student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Upon graduation, Vogeley started his career with Hewlett Packard Corporation in 1980. First, he worked in the marketing department of the Computer Products Group, Disk Memory Division in Boise, Idaho. Then, he transferred to the Medical Products Group of Hewlett Packard in Andover, Massachusetts, where he served in a variety of positions including Product Design Engineer and Product Manufacturing Engineer for Blood Pressure Products. Later, he served as Product Manager for Hewlett Packard’s Medical Personal Computer Program.

However, Vogeley had his mind set on greater intentions. His employment with Hewlett Packard provided him with the valuable experience he needed to start his own business. In 1983, he joined his father in Yorktown, Virginia, in a new business start-up effort to produce eye tracking devices that assist handicapped individuals in the use of computers. Soon, he developed the first liquid crystal based projection panel for projecting computer images onto a large screen.

In 1986, Vogeley founded nVIEW Corporation in Newport News, Virginia, to advance his work in the areas of projection technology and computer-human interfaces. Today, nVIEW is recognized as the leading supplier of high performance liquid crystal projection panel products. Vogeley holds several patents in this field. Among a multitude of creations, nVIEW features award winning products such as MediaPro, Luminator, and ViewFrame. These products are excellent for classrooms, presentations, and corporate meetings. nVIEW has characterized itself with an uncanny ability to create products which display a fabulous spectrum of colors which its competitors are striving to emulate.

Vogeley has literally dedicated all of his time as the chairman of the company, sometimes logging more thn fourteen hours a day into the job. He is the backbone of the business. However, he can attribute much of his early success to his parents. His father, Arthur Vogeley, a former research engineer for NASA, has been closely involved with nVIEW.

The two of them collaborated in studying methods for aiding the handicapped and later in advancing liquid crystal technology Vogeley and his father initially got the business on its feet by assembling units in their own basement workshop. One by one, they would assemble units, sell them, ship them, and then start the whole process over again. Meanwhile, his mother, Julia Vogeley, helped get the business off the ground by stuffing envelopes, running errands, and packing products for shipment.

Aside from running his company, Vogeley has not lost sight of his alma mater. Currently he serves on the Dean’s Council of the School of Engineering at Duke. More importantly, his ingenious products such as ViewFrame are now being incorporated into Duke’s classrooms. He must feel rewarded that his inventions are now being used at the school which taught him the fundamentals of engineering. Also, Vogeley has consistently shown an interest in promoting the academic environment and resources for the Duke School of Engineering.

Not enough can be said about James Vogeley’s accomplishments thus far. Nevertheless, his career is just beginning. He still has the youth and spark which will help him attain even higher levels of success. James Vogeley is one Distinguished Young Alumnus to whom Duke students can look for inspiration in achieving their own dreams.

Originally published in DukEngineer, Fall 1994. Written by Marwan Karaa, a senior in Mechanical Engineering.