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Student Founders

Entrepreneurship is an integral part of the Duke Engineering signature education experience – preparing the next generation of inspired and confident creators.

Startup Stories

Sam Fox

Sam Fox — Seneca Devices

Sam Fox started Seneca Devices with the goal of creating a device that could safely and comfortably move a hospital patient.

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The OptiML team


The OptiML team's device has the potential to be the first automated smartphone ocular diagnostic tool, says team leader Anuj Thakkar.

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Ivonna Dumanyan

Ivonna Dumanyan — Biometrix

Entrepreneurship resources at Duke helped Ivonna Dumanyan develop a device that measures a runner’s stride.

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Judy Zhu and teamJudy Zhu — Walla

Judy Zhu developed a smartphone app that sets up in-person meetings with people who share your interests—helping you "find your squad."

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