Thank You from Student Groups

The Engineering Alumni Council provides funding for extracurricular projects and activities to qualified engineering-based student groups at the Pratt School of Engineering. Below are just a few of the thank you comments the EAC has received from various student groups.

Duke ASCE at the 2015 concrete canoe competition"We have greatly appreciated EAC's support in the past; it has helped us tremendously in our growth as a student organization. We are excited to see what else can happen this year and once again say thank you for choosing to contribute to groups such as ASCE through the Alumni Council. This year the annual Carolina's Conference will be hosted by North Carolina A&T in Greensboro. where we will race our Concrete Canoe and compete in other engineering challenges against other university chapters of ASCE. To build the canoe, we have designed a strong yet light-weight body that is maneuverable enough to race effectively against other teams. This year we hope to continue to improve our designs with a stronger concrete that allows for a narrower, more aerodynamic body that will make the canoe easier to race."

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

"We truly appreciate the support offered to us by the Engineering Alumni Council. The continued support of BMES helps to benefit the entire BME community at Duke, and in the local area."

Biomedical Engineering Society

"On behalf of Duke Engineers for International Development (DEID), we would like to thank you for your contribution to our organization. DEID's goal is to provide practical learning experiences and promote a sense of international responsibility among its members while serving those living in developing regions. As a student group that implements multiple engineering projects abroad each year, DEID relies heavily on the generosity of donors such as yourself, and we are extremely grateful for your support. This donation will help three groups of Duke students to assess and implement projects this year in Durham (river cleaning devices), Honduras (water distribution and storage), and Madagascar (rainwater catchment system)."

Duke Engineers for International Development (DEID)

"It is with sincere appreciation that we would like to recognize and thank you all for your continued support of Duke Motorsports; without it we would not be able to represent the Pratt School of Engineering at the largest inter-collegiate engineering competition on a yearly basis. Our participation has continually pushed us to design, manufacture, and race the best vehicle we are capable of creating, and the continued support we receive from the Engineering Alumni Council makes it possible for us to rise to the challenge posed by the many other programs we compete against."

Duke Motorsports

Duke Robotics team"On behalf of all of the members of Duke Robotics, I would like to thank you for your contribution to the Duke Robotics Club. As we continue forward to get our RoboSub entry competition ready, these funds will provide much needed resources to help us bring home a 1st place finish for our club and for Duke. We are a student-run organization under Pratt and we are very grateful for the support that Duke's faculty and alumni give to us."

Duke Robotics

"Thank you for allocating funds to support our engineering projects. We will make good use of the money to support the Chess Playing Robot, the Pipetting Robot, and the various other student driven projects. These projects will help to further the Duke Engineering experience by helping engineering students obtain practical experience through the construction of interdisciplinary projects that benefit the Duke community as a whole. Duke IEEE strives to give its members the opportunity to gain valuable experience in designing, building, programming, and testing practical electronic systems and devices. We seek to use these projects not only to solve the technological problems faced at Duke but also to share our passion for engineering with the rest of the community."

Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)